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Call For Abstract Gli Effetti Dell'acqua Sui Beni Culturali Valutazioni, Critiche E Modalità Di Verifica

17 Novembre 2019 00:00 - 18 Novembre 2019 00:00
Casa della Gioventú - Bressanone
The aim of the Convegno Scienza e Beni Culturali 2020 (30 giugno-3 luglio 2020) is therefore to collect reflections and experiences on these issues from different perspectives. When submitting, authors are invited to preliminary indicate the session for which the contribution is proposed. For all sessions, the contributions will have to explain both the scientific problem faced, and the real experiences including instrumental/analytical verification.
The Conference will not accept: theoretical works without application feedback, case studies missing a clear reference to a problem, to the state of the art or to the innovation produced by the proposed paper.


General information
A. Title of the paper
B. Author’s name, University / Organisation, email address
Introduction to the topic: What is the hypothesis or the purpose of the research? Why has the study been undertaken?
Suggested track The session (s) that the author finds as the most relevant to her/his topic, and why

Case study Which is the case discussed? Which are the methodologies applied and/or implemented? Have experimental measurements carried out (if relevant), and which ones? What kind of data does the study employ? How does the study critically verify its hypothesis? Theoretical framework To which literature, previously published researches or theoretical issues, does the study refer?

Results / Analysis: How does the proposed study respond to its research question(s)? Have the initial hypothesis of the study validated? Discussion What is the relevance of the results obtained? How do the results relate to the current interpretation of the issue? Which questions/prespective does the study open­up for future researches?

Altre date

  • Da 17 Novembre 2019 00:00 a 18 Novembre 2019 00:00

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